About BARC
Broad African Resource Centre (BARC) is a community agency committed to:

  • Youth Empowerment, leadership and skills development.
  • Public education and engagement.
  • Social services, Social inclusion and Capacity building.
  • Program development, planning and implementation.
  • Positive Image representation through audio-virtual education.
    Mission Statement
  • To facilitate and mobilize the inclusion of immigrants in public policy development, public engagement, consultation.
  • Actively participate in building a social economy and capital system at community, national and International levels.
  • To mobilize immigrants and youth in Canada and those in Diaspora to play a greater role in government policy planning, development and implementation.
  • To encourage stronger participation in public engagement and partnership with Canadian government, Stakeholders, community groups and businesses.
    Broad African Resource Centre (BARC) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization established to respond to social, economic and educational needs of young people and new immigrant families in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

    BARC works in partnership with community agencies, faith based groups, businesses and other government departments to address community, national and global issues through Community capacity, youth initiatives and public education.

    It promotes the involvement and participation of the target communities in planning, implementing and reviewing of programmes.
    Major landmarks
    The history of BARC can be traced back to 1997 when a group of volunteers got together to start a forum with the aim of assisting disadvantaged immigrant families in the GTA.
    The organization was originally directed specifically towards the needs of African families, youth, women and children. Over time, the programme has expanded its scope and target group to encompass all disadvantaged communities in the GTA. Programs and services are organized and structured to positively address the needs of newcomers, disadvantaged children, youth and adults in the community irrespective of race, age, gender, religion etc.

    Henceforth, BARC then set out with the intention of reaching out to, and working with the target group in situ to identify their real concerns and developing possible solutions suited to the target group.

    The programme adopts a life-skills approach to tackle the settlement and integration aspects of the target group. It also seeks opportunities to promote advancement through the education system especially in coping with the culture shock phenomena that new comers experience. Program facilitators are Canadian citizens and permanent residents.
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