Seneca College Honours Dr. Newnham
Alvin Curlin, Dr Ola Kassim, Mary Anne Chambers, Esther Simon
(L-R) Alvin Curlin, Mr Chambers, Dr Ola Kassim, Pastor Tim, Mary Anne Chambers, Esther Simon and Jamila
Broad African Resource Centre (BARC) in partnership with two other community agencies, World Centre for Mission Mobilization and Voice of the Last Days Ministry organized an event to celebrate and recognize the contributions of Mary Anne Chambers, former Ontario Minister of Children and Youth services and Hon. Alvin Curling, former Speaker Ontario Legislative Assembly to the community.

Also honoured for his contribution to the community was Dr. Ola Kassim, Pathologist and Chief Director of laboratory services, Parry Sound, Ontario.
Claude Grimmonds, Jean Augustine, Alvin Curling
(L-R)Claude Grimmonds, Jean Augustine and Alvin Curlin
The event took place on January 26th, 2008 and had provincial funding through the African Canadian Christian Network (ACCN), as part of its partnership with faith-based organisations to support programs to fight crime and violence in the community.

Hon. Jean Augustine, former Minister of Multiculturalism, Canada was one of the dignitaries at the event. Also in attendance were representatives of government departments, law enforcement, funders, community leaders, members, youth and families.
Alvin Curlin, Police representative, Esther Simon with Claude Grimmonds
The event started with a welcome address presented by Esther Simon, Executive Director of BARC. Also featured was a community video and presentation in which speakers spoke on the importance for all to join hands in the community to tackle the root cause of crime especially its prevalence amongst black youth. The speakers applauded the contributions that agencies like BARC were making through programs that help fight crime and violence.

The highlight of the evening was the presentation of awards to the three receipients, Mary Anne Chambers, Alvin Curling and Ola Kassim.

Kiganda Dance Troupe
Kiganda Dance Troupe

On hand to entertain guests at the event was the Kiganda, an African Dance troupe based in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)

Youth at Event
Youth at the Event

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