BARC HIV/AIDS Prevention
BARC is a non-AIDS Service Organization (non-ASO) working in partnership with AIDS Service Organizations ASOs), other community agencies, faith based groups, businesses and Government departments to address community, national and global HIV/AIDS issues. Due to the stigma associated with ASOs, many people who are not living with HIV and those who do not know their status do not access HIV/AIDS information and support. BARC is therefore able to provide information to communities and encourage HIV Testing and Counselling.

Through the Social Support Services program, BARC provides information and referrals in relation to social, health, housing, and legal services. All settlement issues affecting African newcomers are compounding factors in the spread of HIV/AIDS not only in the African community but the wider Canadian population.

BARC has engaged African youth in community awareness programs. Volunteers especially the youth distribute information materials on HIV and associated conditions such as Sexually Transmitted Infections, Drug abuse and mental health within the community. They also distribute condoms at social venues.

BARC continues to broaden its involvement in reducing the spread of HIV/AIDS nationally and internationally by soliciting funding for support programs as well as participation in Community-based Research. BARC is therefore building its capacity by partnering with academic institutions and research consultants. Health and Life Promotion Research Consultancy (HELP), is one of the partners currently working with BARC.

International Involvement

On the International scene, BARC has been involved in global HIV/AIDS issues by providing support in Africa. In the last five years, BARC has established partnership with NGOs based in Africa thus contributing to the fight against HIV in the following countries:
  • Uganda: Educational- Train the Trainer model in creating awareness through workshops, seminar and conferences for youth in Soroti in 2002.
  • Zimbabwe: Humanitarian Support-Organized, coordinated and mobilized Zimbabwean Nurses in London Ontario in soliciting donations for orphans of HIV/AIDS in 2007.
  • Zambia: Humanitarian Support-Organized, coordinated and mobilized donations for Sisters of Redeemer in Lusaka for orphans of HIV/AIDS in 2000.
  • Nigeria: Jos, (Plateau State) - Developing and maintaining a laboratory for testing and treatment for HIV/AIDS Developing educational materials for publicity and creating awareness.


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