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Isana Center for Information and Substance Abuse Treatment
     P. O. Box 10384,
     University Post Office,
     Jos, Plateau State,

 Email: icisat@yahoo.com

 Phone: +234 803 620-6547
            +234 808 771-1314

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Isana Center for Information and Substance Abuse Treatment
Esther Simon (BARC Executive Director) and Gloria Karuri (ICISAT Executive Director)
(L-R) Esther Simon (BARC Executive Director) and Gloria Karuri Ph.D (ICISAT Executive Director)
The Broad African Resource Centre (BARC) has established a partnership with the Isana Center for Information and Substance Abuse Treatment (ICISAT) based in Jos, Nigeria.

Isana Center for Information and Substance Abuse Treatment (ICISAT) is a non-profit and non-governmental organization solely devoted to the prevention and treatment of substance use/abuse, substance induced and related disorders. The idea for ICISAT was conceived in 1999 when ground work commenced and the centre finally took off in 2002.

The partnership between BARC and ICISAT was formalised during a visit early in 2006 by the BARC Executive Director, Esther Simon, to ICISAT's headquaters in Jos, Nigeria. Speaking about the partnership, Esther Simon described it as a unique opportunity for BARC to reach out and extend its international outlook to support capacity building amongst agencies that address pressing community issues. On another front, it also strenghtens BARC's global network.

On why BARC selected this partnership with ICISAT, Esther explained that the ICISAT project has brought about significant benefit to the target population in coping with the challenges of substance abuse. Esther called on the international community for support to assist ICISAT's programs.

Gloria Karuri Ph.D, ICISAT Executive Director, expressed delight with the partnership hoping that it will positively impact on the agency and help it expand its activities.

ICISAT's mision is to reverse the current trend of substance use and abuse through offering services that will sensitize the drug using population to seek help, and to prevent drug seeking behavior in the general population.

  1. To be a treatment center that will meet the needs of both the drug using and non drug using population towards a drug free community.
  2. To be the leader in behavior change through effective interventions that will compare with any in the country and beyond.

  • To increase the level of awareness of the menace of substance abuse through lectures, seminars, workshops, and conferences.
  • To provide spiritual, mental / emotional, physical and social rehabilitation to victims of substance abuse.
  • To assist religious leaders, parents, schools, employers and other interested persons, groups or institutions in controlling substance abuse within their domain.
  • To work closely with the Judiciary, Prison Services, and Reformation centers in handling cases of substance abuse.
  • To treat/manage and increase the level of awareness of substance related disorders - mental illness, HIV/AIDS, and other sexually transmitted Infections etc.
  • To organize the family, the church and peer groups as support groups for victims of substance abuse.
  • To coordinate the twelve-step abstinence program for the various substance abuse groups and related disorders.
  • To provide skills acquisition programs for victims of substance abuse.
  • As a preventive measure, to also provide skills acquisition Training for the Youth at Risk.
  • To provide palliative care to these target groups.
  • To collaborate and network with other organizations and stakeholders towards achieving the foregoing goals.

ICISAT Activities
The activities of the ICISAT treatment center include:
  1. Comprehensive physical examination and medical treatment where necessary
  2. Biblical Counseling
  3. Psychotherapy
  4. Pharmacotherapy and Detoxification
  5. Treatment/Management for Drug use/abuse disorders
  6. Treatment/Management of Mental illness
  7. Treatment/Management of HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis (TB)
  8. Treatment/Management for sexually transmitted Infections
  9. Treatment/Management for dual diagnosis of Drug HIV/AIDS
  10. Treatment/Management for dual diagnosis of Drug/Mental illness
  11. Rehabilitation and Reintegration (Skills Acquisition Training)
  12. Awareness Campaign
  13. Collaboration/Networking with other organizations

ICISAT Treatment/Management
The treatment and management programme of ICISAT covers the following units:
  1. Psychological Unit
  2. Medical Unit
  3. Spiritual Counselling Unit
  4. Information/Awareness Unit
  5. Rehabilitation/Reintegration Unit

ICISAT center has a 5 member Board of Trustees, a 6-member Advisory Board and a line up of full time and volunteer staff made up of Clinical Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Medical doctors, Nurses, Physiotherapists, Social Workers, Laboratory Technologists, Accountants, Administrators, Educationists amongst others.


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