African Literary Program
The Broad African Resource Centre has added African Literary Program to its list of programs. This program which is now on stream delivers African literary reading and writing sessions, and provides a forum for exchange of literary ideas. This program is open to schools, organizations, and individuals participation. Participation however, requires registration.

Adamu Kyuka Usman is the Director of the Program and can be reached at (647) 201-0570. Mr Usman is a Lawyer and writer whose acclaimed works include titles such as:

Hope in Anarchy
The Village Tradesman
My Headmaster
The Butcher's Wife
The Death of Eternity
Bivan's House
The Unknown Vulture
The Lord Mammon
The Lone Piper and the Birds' Case
The Disappointed Three
The Mad Professor of Babeldu

The Mad Professor by Adamu Kyuka Usman
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